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HDC Technologies - MyKad Outlook Add In

MyKad Outlook AddIn is an add in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2007 to read information from MyKad and store as Outlook Contacts.  MyKad Outlook AddIn work with any compliance smart card reader.  The information read from MyKad including Name, New IC No, Old IC No, Date Of Birth, Gender, Race, Religion, Address and Photo.


After installing MyKad Outlook AddIn, the system will create an icon "Read MyKad - Demo" on your Outlook standard tool bar.

Outlook Toolbar


Click on the icon to read the information from MyKad into your Outlook Contacts.


Outlook Contacts


You can view the birthday, IC Number, Old IC Number, Race and Religion by selecting "All Fields" from outlook contact toolbar.

  • Birthday stored in Birthday field
  • IC Number/Old IC Number stored in Government  ID Number field
  • Race stored in User Field 1
  • Religion stored in User Field 2

Download demo program [HERE]. The registered version will capture the photo.

System Requirements

Your PC must have the following components installed in order for the demo application.